Development Steps
Learn To Skate

Learn To Skate

The first step to playing hockey is learning to skate! This program offered at the Rodman Arena is a beginners ice skating program for students who have not yet mastered their skating skills. It is designed to prepare skaters who wish to pursue hockey.

Program Details

  • All skaters are required to wear a helmet (HECC certified hockey or bike helmet)
  • Warm clothing: mittens, water repellant pants and jacket or snowsuit
  • Skaters must also have their own ice skates. Hockey or Figure (No double runners)
  • No Hockey Gear Allowed in this program. Gear will be part of the Learn to Play Hockey program once the has successfully passed their Learn to Skate program.


Tots (Ages 3-5): 25 min group lesson
Youth (Ages 6+): 40 min group lesson w/ 10min supervised free time to practice on their own
Advanced (Must have completed Pre-Alpha or Basic 2): 40 min group lesson w/ 10min supervised free time to practice on their own

Tots (Ages 3-5)

SaturdaySept 25th - Dec 18th8:00a or 8:30a$240Sign Up12 Weeks (No 10/30)
SundaySept 26th - Dec 19th8:00a, 8:30a or 9:00a$220Sign Up11 Weeks (No 10/17, 10/30)
MondaySept 27th - Dec 20th4:00p or 4:30p$240Sign Up12 Weeks (No 11/22)
WednesdaySept 29th - Dec 22nd10:00a, 10:30a, 1:00p, or 1:30p$240Sign Up12 Weeks (No 11/24)
ThursdaySept 30th - Dec 23rd10:00a or 10:30a$240Sign Up12 Weeks (No 11/25)
SaturdayJan 1st - Mar 26th8:00a or 8:30a$240Sign Up12 Weeks (No 1/15)
SundayJan 2nd - Mar 27th8:00a, 8:30a or 9:00a$240Sign Up12 Weeks (No 1/16)
MondayJan 3rd - Mar 28th4:00p or 4:30p$240Sign Up12 Weeks (No 2/21)
WednesdayJan 5th - Mar 30th10:00a, 10:30a, 1:00p, or 1:30p$240Sign Up12 Weeks (No 2/23)
ThursdayJan 6th - Mar 31st10:00a or 10:30a$240Sign Up12 Weeks (No 2/24)

Youth (6+) & Advanced

SaturdaySept 25th - Dec 18th8:00a$275Sign Up12 Weeks (No 10/30)
SundaySept 26th - Dec 19th8:00a$255Sign Up11 Weeks (No 10/17, 10/31)
MondaySept 27th - Dec 20th4:00p$275Sign Up12 Weeks (No 11/22)
SaturdayJan 1st - March 26th8:00a$275Sign Up12 Weeks (No 1/15)
SundayJan 2nd - March 27th8:00a$275Sign Up12 Weeks (No 1/16)
MondayJan 3rd - March 28th4:00p$275Sign Up12 Weeks (No 2/21)
Learn To Play

Learn To Play Hockey

Our Learn to Play sessions in Walpole, MA (Rodman Arena) are designed for first time hockey players.

Program Details

These sessions are the perfect place to start young hockey players. Players will be separated into groups based upon their age, size, previous hockey training (if any) and present abilities.

We’ll focus on stops, starts, crossovers, backwards skating, stickhandling and shooting.

Our instructors establish an enjoyable learning environment which makes it easy and fun to introduce young skaters to the game of hockey. Through applied demonstrations and positive reinforcement, our programs will allow your son or daughter to improve his or her abilities as well as build character. All while having a great time!

ThursdaySept 23rd-Dec 23rd5:10p-6:00p$295Sign Up13 Weeks
ThursdayJan 6th-Feb 17th5:10p-6:00p$160Sign Up7 Weeks
Mite Development Program
Sign Up

Begins: Sept 18th, 2021

Mite Development Program

The Mite Development Program (MDP) is Rodman Arena’s introductory hockey league for novice players. It is NOT a learn to play program (please see our Learn to Play program for that).


Our 2021-22 program runs September – February. The MDP players skate three (3) days a week. Each Thursday at 5:00pm players will skate with RB Hockey skills. They will practice Saturday mornings and participate in a game on Sunday mornings. Three-days a week is the perfect amount of ice time to support the growth and development of the individual player at this age level. The cost of this program is $1495 for the Fall/Winter season.

Each player receives a game shirt and a pair of socks. Our two main coaches for the MDP team are Pat & Kerri Muir. Pat and Kerri are former Division I college hockey players at St. Lawrence University and have been working with our development teams for the past two seasons. If you are interested in the MDP please email to see if this would be a good fit for them.

Walpole Express

Walpole Express Club Teams

The final stage of the Development Ladder is moving up to a Walpole Express full-season team, where players will play regular games versus other organizations within the PHL and E9/BHL.

Program Details

Tryouts for these teams take place in the spring, typically March.
Missed them? Contact us to be evaluated.